Playing Gameboy And Gameboy Color Games on the 3DS.

Lameboy DS is one of the very first gameboy and gameboy color emulators on the Nintendo DS, DSi and the Nintendo 3dsGameboy system. Don't let the name fool you. While I realize that anything with the word lame in it may sound...well... Lame. I assure you that this is going to be one of your go to apps for playing all of your favourite gameboy and gameboy color games right on your Nintendo 3ds system.

The Gameboy Was An Amazing Hand Held System.

I am sure that the gameboy needs no introduction, after all, it was the best selling and the most popular hand held game system ever released. It is also one of the most emulated systems too. Due in part to the huge game library that is available for the system, as well as it being a favourite amongst gamers and many non gamers alike. I still remember my grandmother playing Tetris on my gameboy when I was a kid. She had no idea how to even turn it on, but when the music started paying and she was tasked with arranging those falling blocks, there was simply no talking to her at all.

Playing Gameboy On The Nintendo 3DS Is Like A Dream!

Since the release of the DSi console, and so the Nintendo 3ds system, old school gamers have wanted to play their old gameboy games all over again. There were some amazing classics, and people just want to be taken back to a time when games were less about. 3d and more about actual game play. Because neither the DSi, DSi xl or the Nintendo 3ds game a gameboy or gameboy advance slot, the only way to actually play these old games is by using an emulator. And as I mentioned earlier, the emulator that first came out for the DS and the DSI was Lameboy, and it was pretty good. It emulated a good number of games, it allowed us all to play some of our old favourites all over again. But it was lacking in some features. Unfortunately, it was also severely lacking of any updates to the emulator itself. It would appear that the developer behind this cool 3DS homebrew release all but abandoned the project.

Here comes GameYOB to the rescue. Another strange sounding name for an emulator. But again, don't let the name throw you off, because this emulator is really good. GameYOB was developed to take over where Lameboy DS left off. To improve upon the missing features and functions of Lameboy, and to create an open source GB and GB Color emulator for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS systems.

You can download Gameyob from the 3DS Homebrew section of